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FAQ - business

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get to the online account opening platform for business?
Simply visit https://onlineaccount.fcmb.com/business
Who is eligible to open an account?
The account is available to all registered business owner’s resident in Nigeria and Nigerians resident abroad.
What category of business can open an account online?
Limited Liability Companies, Non-Limited Companies, Associations & Cooperatives
What type of account can I open?
FCMB Business Account
What is the product feature of the account that will be opened for me?
Free Banking without charges for first 90days.
Zero account maintenance fee up to N40million
N5,000 minimum operating balance.
Fixed charge as low as N6,350 on N40million debit turnover.
Access to Loan Facility
Can I change the product if I don’t like the choice above?
Yes, just walk into any of our branch and make your request known
What documents do I need to open an online business account?
scanned copies of your passport photograph, valid means of identification and evidence of business ownership and E-signature.
Will my account be opened if I do not have/provide my BVN when filling out an application?
NO, BVN is mandatory to open a business account
Do I need to provide BVN of all directors and signatories when I’m opening the account
No, you only need one director BVN and one signatory BVN, while you update the rest at your preferred branch
When will I get my account number?
Immediately, upon submission of form
Will my account be operative immediately?
No, all required documents must be verified before your account can be operative
What additional document do I need to upload/take to the branch for verification?
Reference form, certificate of incorporation, authorized signatory ID, passport photo of signatory, signature of account signatory etc. or click here for detail
How to I upload pending document after submission of form
Refer to the welcome mail from FCMB
How many business accounts can I open using the online account opening platform?
Can I open a second account for my business through the portal?
NO, to open second account please visit any FCMB branch nearest to you
How can I transfer money into my account?
Click on the link for “Fund your account” and follow the instruction or Direct transfer from your account in Nigeria/abroad into your new FCMB account.
What e-channels comes with this account?
Business debit card, FCMB Business App, and Internet banking
How do I get a debit card?
walk into any branch to pick up your card instantly.
Who should I contact if I have any other questions?
For more information on our products and services, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 07003290000. Alternatively send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com